Noora Kotaja, PhD
Principal Investigator

Professor of Molecular Medicine

Director of Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology Unit at the Institute of Biomedicine

Juho-Antti Mäkelä, PhD

Project: Regulation and function of spermatogonial stem cells in the maintenance of male fertility and epigenetic inheritance.

Mari Lehti, PhD

Project: Mechanisms of sperm tail formation and its non-canonical functions. The role of late CB in RNA regulation during spermatid elongation.

Matthieu Bourgery, MSc

Project: Bioinformatic analysis of sperm non-coding RNAs in multigenerational mouse/human studies on epigenetic inheritance.

Tiina Lehtiniemi, MSc
PhD Student

Project: Germ granule-mediated RNA regulation in meiotic and postmeiotic cells. The role of SMG6 endonuclease in spermatogenesis.

Opeyemi Olotu, MSc
PhD Student

Project: Functional differences between two germ granules, intermitochondrial cement (IMC) and chromatoid body (CB). The function of germline RNA regulatory mechanisms in cancer cells.

Lin Ma, MSc
PhD Student

Project: Transcriptome analysis in male germ cells, characterization of the role of germ granules in transcriptome regulation.

Ram Prakash Yadav, PhD

Project: The expression and role of pericentric heterochromatin during spermatogenesis. The non-canonical functions of DICER in the control of heterochromatin expression.

Margareeta Mäkelä, MSc
PhD Student

Project: Epigenetic mechanisms of transgenerational transmission of diet-induced metabolic phenotypes and the effects of different treatments of diet-induced obesity on sperm epigenome.

Salli Kärnä, BSc
MSc Student

Project: The role of late CB in RNA regulation during spermatid elongation.

Samuli Laasanen,
BSc Student

Project: Sperm purification, RNA extraction and analysis for epigenetic inheritance-related studies.

Olli Heikkinen, BM
MD Student

Project: Development of biocomputing tools for automated recognition and analysis of the seminiferous epithelial stages and cellular composition.

Anna Puisto, MSc
Research Technician

Project: Purification of human spermatozoa, molecular analysis and quality assurance of sperm RNA from multigenerational cohort studies.

Co-supervised PhD Students in Other Departments:

  • Anna-Riina Koskenniemi, Doctoral Student, co-supervised with Markku Kallajoki and Paula Vainio
  • Annukka Ahonen, Doctoral Student, Psychiatry, co-supervised with Hasse Karlsson
  • Rauni Klami, Doctoral Student, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, co-supervised with Antti Perheentupa

ALUMNI (postdocs, PhD and MSc degrees):

  • Ram Prakash Yadav, PhD 2020
  • Matti Lahti, postdoc, 2017-2020
  • Elina Palonen, postdoc, 2018-2019
  • Margareeta Mäkelä, MSc 2020
  • Mari Lehti, PhD graduation 2016
  • Hanna Korhonen, PhD 2016
  • Freja Hartman, MSc 2016
  • Suvi Virtanen, MSc 2016
  • Matteo Da Ros, PhD 2015
  • Noora Hirvonen, MSc 2013
  • Karin Sostar, MSc 2013
  • Oliver Meikar, PhD 2013
  • Ram Prakash Yadav, MSc 2011